My Digital Caricature Services

Hi, my name is Jerry Emerson and I've been a caricaturist for nearly 48 years. My pen and ink caricatures have appeared in books and magazines since 1972, and I've been providing digital caricature art on the world wide web since 1995. Here are just a few of the services I offer:

Caricatures For Gifts

personnel & Corporate

Digital caricatures make great gifts giving to family members or co-workers...even to the boss. Consider them for retirements, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas presents and weddings.

Caricature Gifts

Website Headers & Logos

with digital caricature art

I design digital caricature website headers for corporations, small businesses and individuals. My portfolios show some of the possibilities of caricature art in creating effective headers and logos.

Caricature Headers

Real Estate Caricature

for website & promotionals

Real estate agents need an identity that is unique and creative for developing effective branding and marketing materials. Caricatures are the perfect answer. Use them in signs, on websites, and more.

Real Estate

Greeting Cards

for any occasion

Caricature greeting cards are for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas. If you desire a Christmas caricature card, or any special holiday card, place your order early in the year.

Caricature cards

Recent Caricatures

projects I completed within the last few months


Are you into fantasy?

How about a fantasy digital caricature?

Fantasy  digital caricature art is all about pretending. You can be a king, a prince, a princess, or a superhero, like Batman or Spiderman. One of the most popular fantasy styles I am asked to draw is Disney. For example, the caricature to the left is based on the Cinderella movie, complete with costumes, pumpkin coach and palace. Please visit my fantasy gallery for more samples.

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